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Working together

We are always looking for talented engineers and we would love to meet you. Send us your resume and tell a little about yourself.

Join the team of professionals who dislike bureaucracy and works as a tight-knit group.


We work with Agile. We have daily meetings every day.

To coordinate work, we primarily use Github, Jenkins, Airbrake, YouTrack, and Discord for all our daily meetings and to discuss our current progress.

We have high requirements for the quality of our code. All of our tasks are always formulated as pull requests that are double checked and approved by other team members, and we provide a high degree of coverage for our code via testing. Green CI is what we love the best!


Our team is geographically diverse. The main office is in Rostov-on-Don, but our colleagues also work out of other cities in Russia and abroad.

Our local engineers regularly take part in our professional community events and share experience with colleagues at meetings and conferences. We've open sourced many API wrappers and solutions, like Opman, Scopie, and Stixy, just to name a few.